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You may call me Forge
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Uhm thats a Toughy. Well there is not much to tell. I like to draw and build Stuff, but in Both I dont think Im that good. I keep practicing like Crazy for years now but I havent gotten any beter and I really dont know how to change that. I try and try and try and its still the same as it was back several Years ago. There is a lot I want to try out, I want to learn and experience but somehow something always gets in my Way and messes Things up.

I tend to get distracted quite Easy and to go Nuts about New Things I learn about and I like and then Im completely fixated on it. Its Weird... IM Weird ^-^" I like Video Games a lot, also Animes, Manga, Cartoons, Comics and what not. I like a lot of Stuff. Way too much...

Right now next to finishing the actual PokeMon Generation Im trying my Luck in Online Reviews, up until now Luck isnt very Kind... but Ill keep on it. Well see what the Future brings, shall we?
Just in case anyone was waiting for my next Theorie, even so it didnt look like andyone was interested in the last one,  it will come as soon as I have the muse. As for now... well I really shouldnt write this down, especially not here but I so need to get this of my Chest and everybody likes to complain once in a while. This is not gonna be a Complain as in a Rant like my Rage Mode last Time regarding the Bullshit Archie is pulling with Sonic... dang that still angers me. No this is more my personal life and the fact that I dont have any personal life to speak of...

Let me ask ya sometin' if youre single right now, how long has it been since your last Girlfriend? Well I dont know it its an eternity or nothing at all but I had my last Girlfriend, atleast the One I consider really loving me, about 14 years ago. There were two minor Girls that hjad some kind of interest but I doubt it was love or a relationship, the First one was actually believing Inu Yasha lived in her backyard and theratened my Family with a Magic Cat, the second one didnt want a Boyfriend she wanted a personal Slave with now own will or Ideas whatsoever, everytime I had an Idea what we could do she went ballistic on me saying Im egoistic and dont think of her, she just wanted me to say yes to everything SHE wanted and have now wishes of my own... that didnt work out. Im way to much of a Controll Freak to be that submissive.

You might can tell I dont have so much luck in the Girl department.

So the reason I am telling you all this even tho I shuldnt ist because I recently discovered something concerning about me. Im not actually a Furry but I like Anthro Art and Characters, I am an Chat RPG player with a lot of Anthropomorphic Characters so being aroused by some busty She Fox or a Cute Kitty isnt that big of a Deal to me. But... Recently they started showing The new Looney Tunes Show, you know the one where Bugs and Daffy are living together in California? It is a good show I like it, its something else and the way they use most of the known Warner Bros Characters is quite Funny like Foghorn being a wealthy Southern States Business Man, even Speedy Gonzales managing a Pizza Place... great Ideas. But I digress... I tend to do that alot. The diusturbing part is... or are Tina Russo and Lola Bunny. Ok first off Lola being ths Hyper Sexualized Beast from the Space Jam Movie, just like the Nostalgia Critic I didnt like it. The onlky reasen for her being in the Movie to show of some T&A and doinmg so quite well... jeez look at the Poses she shows off whenever shes on screen. So making her this obsessed, Insane Stalker she is in the Show does actually give her a Personality... or two... I liked it, she was funny and I actually saw some Chemistry between her and Bugs... or Im more messed up then I thought. Giving Daffy Tina was a brilliant Idea, she is so absolutely awesome. I love her attitude, she is feisty I love that, she doesnt take crap ind if something bothers hner she doesnt think about it she acts! Its great, she really knows how to keep Daffy in Check! Better then Bugs... I loved the Episode where Bugs destroyed his House and she was the Handyman... uhm Handygirl to fix it. I like strong independant women... and now we are getting to the point! At first I didnt think about it much, I just liked Tina. But as the show progressed I caught miself more drooling over the Artwork and design of Tina aswell as Lola.
Tina never showed of a lot but still those nice curves and the hint of a womanly Body... oh man Im so messed up. And some scenes of Lola made it even worse, like in the episode where Lola lost some Jewelry of her mother and she and Bugs went to different places to look for it,. there was that scene where Lola went and got a Tan in a rather skimpy Bikini... is it just me (i bet it is) but in the moment she left the Booth and posed she looked so smoking hot *bangs his Head on his Desk* NO NO NO NO Bad Forge! And even worse was that one Merry Melodies Section with Bugs being in the wild west and singing about eating healthy, an absolute stupid and really Bad song I hated it but still I was glued to my TV Screen because of that one Scene were Bugs told Lola about eatiung healthy and she also looked so hot ... RAAAHHH! *bangs his Head on the Wall* NOOOO! Im so incredibly messed up... no ... maybe Yes... Oh I dont know -.- I dont expect anyone to come up with an aswer for me... I just needed to get this of my chest... which I did now... so thank you.

DONT JUDGE ME! I so need a Girlfriend...

(PS. I also think the Goodra Slugbox draws is so darn sexy aswell and it doesnt even have a womanly Body. Now I really know Im totally messed up.)
  • Listening to: Vanessa Mae, Smashmouth, DJ Bobo, Soundtracks
  • Reading: All Kind of Mangas
  • Watching: Allmost every Anime
  • Playing: The Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Heart
  • Eating: Pizza

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