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You may call me Forge
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Uhm thats a Toughy. Well there is not much to tell. I like to draw and build Stuff, but in Both I dont think Im that good. I keep practicing like Crazy for years now but I havent gotten any beter and I really dont know how to change that. I try and try and try and its still the same as it was back several Years ago. There is a lot I want to try out, I want to learn and experience but somehow something always gets in my Way and messes Things up.

I tend to get distracted quite Easy and to go Nuts about New Things I learn about and I like and then Im completely fixated on it. Its Weird... IM Weird ^-^" I like Video Games a lot, also Animes, Manga, Cartoons, Comics and what not. I like a lot of Stuff. Way too much...

Right now next to finishing the actual PokeMon Generation Im trying my Luck in Online Reviews, up until now Luck isnt very Kind... but Ill keep on it. Well see what the Future brings, shall we?
Hello there, its me again Forge...

Way back when I made a fuzz about starting Online Video Reviews and stuff. The Idea was good, the means for it were easy enough to come by (atleast I thought so) so why not give it a Shot. I spend good money on a Cam (the cheapest one they had but still the Quality is astounding) and a Video Editing program which is relatively easy to work with, especially for me, but there are some Problems that I absolutely can not fix and cant overcome. Or atleast I really dont know how... and I had so many Ideas for Theories, some reviews and whatnot. The Best I can come up with are maybe some Lets Plays on twitch with the Share function of my PS4 but thats about it. So the next best thing I can do to share my Ideas is my Journal Section here. I dont really like it since I obviously have some problems with writing English (I swear I speak it so much better) but as I said its the best I can come up with. Before I begin I bet there are hundreds of Fans that spoke about what Im about to share with you and maybe their Ideas are way better then mine, but I dont know about it. Its just what comes to me naturally and makes sense for me, so If you know some nice Informations like Blogs or Videos from someone regarding something I wrote here tell me Id love to compare Ideas and maybe even change my mind about something.

So lets get started with "A Theorie from me" our Todays Topic is PokeMon Technical Machines! (I have a lot of PokeMon Theories)

A technical Machine, some Manmade Opject that is able to teach a PokeMon a certain Move and attack... way back when we didnt even kn ow what Kind of Object it is but today we do know thos TMs or HMs aswell are Discs. So what we shove a disc into our Pokemon and wait for it to be installed? I dont think thats gonna be really healthy or pleasant for that matter. So How would that thing work? I have a Theorie! Shocking revelation isnt it? So you know the PokeDex, of cours you do, the whole ingame Premise that the Pokedex has to be completed by the Kids the Professor sends out is pretty much stupid. No Scientist with half a Brain would send Kids to do his Job. No kid could have the knowledge to analyse an animals bahavior in such a short amount of Time. No the Information is already inside the Dex and is just unlocked once the Pokemon is caught.
In the Anime we also learn that the Pokedex has more Functions then just telling us a nice little tidbit about what wie just caught. Remember back to the First season when the Wannabe Hero I will not Name caught a Crabby, it was instandly teleported to Bills PC. Thats common Knowledge, once you have Six PokeMon with you newly caught PokeMon land in the PC Boxes. It was Brock that told Ash that he could check upon Crabby by pressing a certain Button in the PokeDex, most likely to check upon his Data but back then I thought Brock was talking about the Teams Data, tha Status, the attacks they know and so on. The very Stuff we see when we check our actual Team in the Game. You might Think I difress since were talking about TM Discs, no Im not im just building up.
It makes sense that the Pokedex is more then just a Data Storage, it tells you how your Team is doing, who needs healing and so on... But in order to do so the PokeDex needs to be connected to the PokeBalls, I guess it must be some Kind of Wifi connection or something of that sort, that a Pokedex with a certain ID Number is connected to the PokeBalls with the same Number. That would also explain why trading a PokeMon needs a Machine. In the Game thats a totally different thing since its an actual transfer of Data, but in the anime it didnt make sense to me when I was younger. Today when I try to explain stuff to myself it does make sense now, the machine doesnt actaully trade the PokeMon it changes the ID Data for the PokeBall! The original Trainers ID Date is still there but the PokeDex can now read the Data with this ID of this one PokeBall.
So much for the Connection of the PokeDex and the PokeBalls... and now for the main course! This Connection can be used for learning TM or HM Moves. I gues you just put the TM Disc ínto a Discdrive in the Pokedex (makes more sense with the big Bulky Gen 1 Dex then the thin Gen 6 but Ill think of something for that later) and the Dex reads the Data, connects to the PokeMon you want to teach the Move to and adds the Move to the PokeMon but also deletes a different one. We do know that when  PokeMon is caught it is transformed ito some red Light, it could be a change from Matter to Energie or from matter to Data, but bthat would make it a Digimon so lets just say the PokeBall transforms PokeMon into Energy and stores them like a Battery. It would be possible to change some energy to another, delete one certain energy form for another. That would also explain why Items found in the Overworld are in PokeBalls aswell, since some PokeMon are made of non Living material like Rock and Steel. If a PokeBall can store a Snake made out of Boulders or a Huge Reptile covered in Steel Plates it can also store a Plastic Spraycan!

Thas my Theory about how TMs work and can be used in the PokeMon world, along with a lot more Ideas I had about other Things like the actual Function of a PokeDex, PokeBalls and the Trade Machine. Next Time Ill talk about PokeMon eating Habits aswell as a certain Theory I have about PokeMon Types. See ya then, yours truly The Forge!
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