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You may call me Forge
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Uhm thats a Toughy. Well there is not much to tell. I like to draw and build Stuff, but in Both I dont think Im that good. I keep practicing like Crazy for years now but I havent gotten any beter and I really dont know how to change that. I try and try and try and its still the same as it was back several Years ago. There is a lot I want to try out, I want to learn and experience but somehow something always gets in my Way and messes Things up.

I tend to get distracted quite Easy and to go Nuts about New Things I learn about and I like and then Im completely fixated on it. Its Weird... IM Weird ^-^" I like Video Games a lot, also Animes, Manga, Cartoons, Comics and what not. I like a lot of Stuff. Way too much...

Right now next to finishing the actual PokeMon Generation Im trying my Luck in Online Reviews, up until now Luck isnt very Kind... but Ill keep on it. Well see what the Future brings, shall we?
IN LOVE THAT IS! Well not literally, as I have learned the hard way thatr will newver ever again happen. BUT! I am not here to whine today, no today Im here because Im in a super good Mood. For a long Time I have known this certain show. I liked it, I liked it a lot, it just made me feel good whenever I watched it. The Characters are so nice, the artstyle is a little weird (but as we have learned with Adventure Time weirdly drawn doesnt mean bead), the Music is gorgeous and the Story... oh that Story... it is marvellous. We hardly get anything that explains the Bakcground and Lore of the show but when we do it is outstanding and you just sit there on the edge of your seat craving more and more and MORE! I NEED MOOOOORE! *drools and breaves heavily*

Ahum... sorry. Kinda lost it there bit this Show is truly amazing! The Last Timne a Show caught me like that it was ... Oh dang what was it? I guess it was My little Pony... oh well doesnt matter. So If you havent guessed it alread the Show Im talking about is STEVEN UNIVERSE! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I already did before but after I saw the Episodes "The Return" and "Jailbreak" espacially Jailbreak it hit me like a Sledgehammer! Garnets Song... its ... ist amazing. And the reveal... uhm Im gonna stop there I dont want to spoil anything for anyone who might not have seen this but I can tell ya it made so much sense! I absolutely adore this Show and because of that I will try to make my own Gem Character. Some People already have done something like that and I thought, why not give it a Try? So since I dont know what Gems are already taken in the show I thought try it with my Birthstone wich is either Jasper or Aquamarine, well Jasper is taken so it might aswell be Aquamarine. Thats gonna be tough, I mean its light Blue so the Character will be Blue, what Weapon could fit to it, where to place his Gemstone and so on and so on. But trying to emulate this Artstyle will be very hard, the hardest Part of all.

So uhm tell me what you think about the Idea, maybe you have Tips for me to pull that off and whatnot. Oh and by the way the next batch of PokeMon is done Im just a little slow with preparing the Stories before I can upload them. Just a little more patience.
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  • Reading: All Kind of Mangas
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Ludwig Von Koopa Magic Wand 07 - Lets do Magic by Kuruttra
Ludwig Von Koopa Magic Wand 07 - Lets do Magic
Like I said I love Blunt Weapon and Canes... this is kinda both isnt it? I love the Koopalings or Koopa Kids and that Brat Bowser Junio should be ripped apart by them and eaten alive! Especially Ludwig needs to step up to that Monster he once called a Father. I love Ludwig! hes my favourite Bowser Junior Skin in Smash Bros and when I first played him I realized... I could make that Magic Wand the Koopa Kids had! And so I made this one together with the Eightball Cane, thats what I needed the second Plastic Ball for.  Wel lets get started!

I started out with making the Top of the Wand, the Base where the Magic Crystal sits in. For That I used one Half of the Ball, taped the Pringels Caps into it and wrapped some layers of cardboard around the rim. Then I covered the Cardboard with some more Tape and the inside with gray paint. The Next step was to covere it partially into some Paper Mache and pinpoint the exact Middle to attach the Wand itself.

Well that came along quite nicely! First I taped the wand itself to the Base and then I made the Hole for the Straw in the Milkshake Cap a little Bigger. Afterwards I shoved the Cap over the Wand until it connected to the Base and taped that securely to the Wand and the Base aswell.

After a lot of taping I covered it in paper Mache to make ot look even and secure it even further and started priming it in Gray Paint. Usually I use White Paintz but I learned that Metallic Silver or Gold doesnt pop as much on white. And I wanted it to be shiny so I used gray Primer and Silver Paint. But you dont see the Silver yet, thats gonna follow soon.

Yes there wa sa second Half to the Plastic ball and there was that LED right? Well that part was tough, I wanted the wand to light up! but finding a transparend Ball in any color wa snearly impossible for me and just pinting the ball Blue wouldnt let the light shine through. What to do? Well a good Friend of mine told me to try thos window Paints, that stuff sticks to Plastic and lets Light shine through it. Brilliant Idea! I actually worked. It glows in a very nice shade of Blue when the LED is on. But without the Light the Crystal almost looks Black.
But also with the light on some Bubles in the Paint make it look like a Sky with stars and swirles and stuff... it looks beautiful!

But now we bring everything together and voila or viola? Whatever... Its Ludwig Von Koopas Magic Wand. Time to shoot some Geometric Forms at my Enemies!

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