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You may call me Forge
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Uhm thats a Toughy. Well there is not much to tell. I like to draw and build Stuff, but in Both I dont think Im that good. I keep practicing like Crazy for years now but I havent gotten any beter and I really dont know how to change that. I try and try and try and its still the same as it was back several Years ago. There is a lot I want to try out, I want to learn and experience but somehow something always gets in my Way and messes Things up.

I tend to get distracted quite Easy and to go Nuts about New Things I learn about and I like and then Im completely fixated on it. Its Weird... IM Weird ^-^" I like Video Games a lot, also Animes, Manga, Cartoons, Comics and what not. I like a lot of Stuff. Way too much...

Right now next to finishing the actual PokeMon Generation Im trying my Luck in Online Reviews, up until now Luck isnt very Kind... but Ill keep on it. Well see what the Future brings, shall we?
Yea you didnt actually know that I was gone... well I didnt tell. I had some stress, mostly because my apartment got flooded. I was forced to move out several weeks ago so my apartment can get dried. Thats about it, now Im living at my mothers place and have atleast some internet again. Bt thats not the reason Im making this journal. I have another redesign project Id like to start since I dont have any TV in this place and I think the insane heat her e is destroying my PS4 (if somebody knows his stuff around the console please let me know for a few questions, pretty please with a Cherry on top?), so Drawing is pretty much the only thing I can do.

As for the project iutself, I decided what it will be but not how I will pull it off and there you guys can help me, if anyone actually would comment on it... well lets see...
I decided to do some Crash bandicoot redesigns. All the Heroes and all the Villains FROM THE MAIN SERIES! So no no Nitrus Oxide or that Opossum Chick from the Kart Games, no Gorilla thing from Crash Boom Bang only the Main Jump N Run Game series (but maybe just maybe I will add that Whumpa creature from that one Crahs kart game but only because he is so weirdly designed!). And just because Im lazy also no Litztle league Minions like Ratnicians or Kooalas even if I get that far. And here is the part where your comment can help. Its always kind of exausting to come up with the story if my Characters are a continuation of the series like Power Puff Gals or Under the Dark Wing so Im not sure if I should come up with a story that takes place after Mind over Mutant. But if enough People want to se a story I will do it so... I say if 3 to 5 People ask for a story I will give you one, if nobody cares or less people ask for it I just will upload redesigned characters with a brief expla nation how I came up with that design and thats about it. Anothr part Im unsurfe of is, how much will I do? Well I promise I will do the entire cast of Crash Bandicoot 1 but after that it depends on what I see commentwise here in this journal. Yeah call me lazy but I had a rough Time.
But since I could only take me most needed components of my Computer with me I dont have my scanner so any uploads for that project will take a lot of Time. One more thing I was thinking about, maybe I should draw them from memory, meaning I wont take any original or Fanmade art of the Characters as reference material but will draw them on how I remember them. It could give them a unique little spin in their design, the onl reference I will use are some shots of the Animals most characters are based of so they will be a little more acurate.

Thats about it so comment, tell me what you would like, and how much I shpuld do, maybe we get the whole series done. Lets wait untill Im done with the first game and Im back home again maybe I will do more of my own... lets just see how thinks work out. But still, comments would help, I aint now mindreader!
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  • Watching: Allmost every Anime
  • Playing: The Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Heart
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