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You may call me Forge
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Uhm thats a Toughy. Well there is not much to tell. I like to draw and build Stuff, but in Both I dont think Im that good. I keep practicing like Crazy for years now but I havent gotten any beter and I really dont know how to change that. I try and try and try and its still the same as it was back several Years ago. There is a lot I want to try out, I want to learn and experience but somehow something always gets in my Way and messes Things up.

I tend to get distracted quite Easy and to go Nuts about New Things I learn about and I like and then Im completely fixated on it. Its Weird... IM Weird ^-^" I like Video Games a lot, also Animes, Manga, Cartoons, Comics and what not. I like a lot of Stuff. Way too much...

Right now next to finishing the actual PokeMon Generation Im trying my Luck in Online Reviews, up until now Luck isnt very Kind... but Ill keep on it. Well see what the Future brings, shall we?
It doesnt happen very often, or it does and I dont see it because my life is kinda mostly negative... its a long story. BUT! Sometimes  something good happens... more or less. I got a few things going right now that ups my Mood!

Numbuh One... Chicken and Peas!
I live alone (hate it), I can cook (not very much but that very good) but today my Mother made me some Chicken breast Filets and Peas. OH DANG IS THAT GOOD! I love the way my Mother makes Chicken, I can make Chicken but no matter how hard I try, its just not as good. Even her Peas taste better than mine and there isnt really anything you can do wrong with Peas! I just ate (Septrembre 26th, around 1:50pm) and im stuffed, Peas always fill me up quite good, but I still want to eat the rest of the Chicken because its just so good but I know it would be a bad Idea.

No. 2... Nickelodeons TMNT
Have you ever seen the Nickelodeon TMNT show? IT IS FRIGGIN AWESOME! I was hesitant about it when I first saw it, Anime Like Expressions, the strange redesign of the Turtles, the overall style of it (at first I hated Splinters design) and the Change of Weapons for Mikey and Don. I thought it was going to be a Horror Trip. But the I watched it and it was glorious! I especially love the Design of the Turtles now, hey back in the Day, the 80s show or even the 2003 show (I absolutely love both, less so on Fast Foreward and Back to the Sewers) but take away the Colors and Weapons and every Turtle is exactly the Same, I couldnt tell Don from Mikey and so on. It never actually disturbed me but I noticed. But then these Turtles, differend Body shapes, even the Faces and heads have different shapes, some Turtles are smaller some even taller then the others, Don has a Chipped Tooth (?), Mikey has Freckles, Raphs Chest Shell is cracked, do what you want but I will never ever mix them up ever again. And then Splinter... Im still kinda mixed with his Design but dang I love his Personality and his Fighting! Every Splinter we had so far was the classic Martial Arts Fighter and Master, always wise, always calm and stuff, but this Splinter... he is actually Human. I know kinda weird since hes a Rat but really thats what he is now. He acts the most Human of every Splinter there ever was, he even makes jokes. I was so baffled when I first saw him and I loved it! And then I saw him fight... every Splinter so far fought like a real Master was supposed to do... but he nevr fought like a Rat! That was one thing, the only Thing, I really hated about the old Series, the Mutants never actually never faught like the animals they used to be. But this Splinter here, he runs on all Four, he Bites in Fights, he jumps like an animal in a Fight... he empraces the Rat he has become and thats how it really should have been always. Find the Balance between both of what you are... a Ninja and a Rat. GO SPLINTER! (I also love the IDW Comics but thats for another Time)

Number Three... Disney Infinity
Yes not quite as epic as the First to Things but hear me out. A few Weeks ago I bought a Game... a broken Game at that. I had to get a Refund, I got it in Form of a Coupon. No actual Money back, just a Coupon worth my seventy Bucks that I could use in the very Shop I got it from. Well it wasnt a big deal but at the Time there wasnt any other game I actually wanted. Of course I could have taken the Coupon (if it is called something else in english I really cant remember right now) and used it another Time but I so needed something to play. And then I saw the Disney Infinity Starter pack (the First one noth the new 2.0 stuff sadly), they lowered the Price. So I thought why not, I actually always wanted the Wreckit Ralph Figures (I love that Movie), so I got that Pack, a Wreckit Ralph and Vanellope Combo Pack and a single Mrs. Incredible (shes Hot). The Game is ... solala. Its not Bad but the Wii version doesnt really look that good (and my PS3 is busted). But the Figures... oh my Gawd they are Marvellous! So beautifully designed and painted. I have rarely seen something that beautiful, later I baught Elsa and Anna from Frozen in another Combo pack and the details on them are even better. I mean if you have a Chance, look at their Faces! Such tiny tiny TINY details in their mouths. Elsas Mouth is rather Tiny already, the just could have been lazy and just paint her Lips but what did they do? They even painted those itty bitty Teeth white! Its a minor detail, I would have never noticed it but they did paint it. So gorgeous... and tell you what... I havent actually seen Frozen nor know anything about it but Im in love with it already! And then I saw the 2.0 Trailrs, Marvle Figure, more Disney Figures like Aladdin, Jasmine and STIIIIIIITCH (All Time Favourite Disney Movies and series ever, Lilo & Stitch)! Oh man I so need to get them all. Yeah they got me Hook, line and sinker. I cant go past my my Figures without staying there for a moment and swoon over those Gorgeous Figures! I regret not buying it months ago, I had the Chance once, Last years Christmas I almost baught them.

So thats right now the main three reasons Im in a good mood right now. I hope it lasts for a while, but I know it wont. Oh well... lets enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Listening to: Vanessa Mae, Smashmouth, DJ Bobo, Soundtracks
  • Reading: All Kind of Mangas
  • Watching: Allmost every Anime
  • Playing: The Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Heart
  • Eating: Pizza


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